Volleyball in times of COVID-19

Sessions will be run under a set of guidelines recommended through Volleyball England’s Return to Outdoor Volleyball framework (see here for further details) and in accordance with our home venue, Bacon’s College’s COVID-19 safety requirements. 


As you’re aware, transmission risk is higher through group activity indoors. Training and warm up activities will be designed as far as possible to limit face-to-face proximity, but we need your co-operation to operate as safely as we can. 


Before the session

  • 📝 Register to attend before showing up - this is so we can facilitate the NHS Test & Trace requirements

  • 🚴😷 Follow UK Government guidance on best practice for travel to venue

  • 🏠 Stay at home if you’re (1) symptomatic, (2) living in a household with possible COVID-19 infection, or (3) asked to isolate through the NHS Test & Trace programme

  • ⏰Arrive 15 minutes early - the whole group must assemble in the car park and enter the venue together. No spectators will be allowed into the sports hall.

  • 🎽Arrive in your kit - changing room facilities will not be available at the venue

  • 🧴 Hand sanitisation required at point of entering venue

  • 🏷️ Personal belongings distinctly marked - please leave belongings a safe distance apart (> 2m) and no sharing of personal equipment e.g. water bottles, resistance bands etc.


During the session

  • 🙌🚫 No high fives - congratulatory touches are not permitted

  • 🙅‍♀️ Try not to touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes

  • 🔇 Shouting discouraged to minimise transmission risk

  • ⌛ Breaks at least every 30 minutes - please sanitise your hands as frequently as is practicable


Additional rules will apply for matches and friendlies played indoors.


After play

  • 🧼 Sanitise your hands

  • ↔️  Leave promptly. Follow directional signs at the venue and do not loiter in corridors and common areas (including for warm down)

  • 🤙🏽 Inform the Club asap of any infection within your household in the days subsequent to the event you participated


These guidelines remain in place until further notice. The Club will regularly review the rules and guidelines issued by the UK Government, Volleyball England and our home venue, Bacon’s College.